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Tech High School Update - Tiger Newsletter

November 21, 2017

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tech High School facility was conducted on August 28. Since that time, excavating of the site and construction has moved along quickly. Most footings for the school structure have been completed, the access road off 33rd street is under development, and outdoor fields are being compacted and prepped.

And while the site continues to take shape, there has been much design work completed by our Tech staff over the past few months. A small group visited the architects’ St. Paul office to discuss and make recommendations for the interior colors of the new Tech. A big take-away that became much clearer is the overall connection of the facility to the site itself and the St. Cloud area in general. The concepts of the granite quarries, the forest to the north of the school, and the stream that flows throughout the property coming together in a color scheme that connects well with learning. For example, there are three wings or “learning neighborhoods” in the design, and the eastern-most neighborhood will have brighter oranges and yellows representing a sunrise or early morning forest feel.

Since the beginning of school, various subgroups of staff members have been meeting or consulting with the architects to provide feedback in designing specific spaces. Here are two examples:

  • Science labs – a small team has been considering where and how to store materials, model of fume hoods, equipment needed, location of small group lab stations, etc., and how the physical makeup of these spaces operationally connect with learning.
  • Fabrication Labs (CTE): Labs 2 and 3 were just recently redesigned by our teachers from the originals, with architects on hand, to create spaces they felt were more efficient and effective in delivering instruction. They spent much time determining specifically where certain machines are to be placed so that the proper power supply are installed for those machines.

Similar design work has been completed in the areas of fine arts, FACS, phy ed and activities, administration offices, special education spaces, and the resource center.