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TIES Exceptional Teacher Award Winners

November 13, 2017

Congratulations to this year's TIES Exceptional Teacher Award winners, Lindsey Nagorski and Brenda Schneider.

Lindsey is a first-grade teacher at Madison Elementary School. She has spent many years exploring ways to bring creativity and engagement into her classrooms through the integration of technology. She is also a leader in the way that she shares both with her colleagues and virtually with educators anywhere.

Lindsey Nagorski

Pictured: Lindsey Nagorski (center) with assistant principal Meredith Boucher (left) and principal Kate Flynn (right)

Brenda is a sixth-grade teacher at North Junior High. She has long been an advocate for how technology can be a positive force for learning. She is known as a leader for how students can engage in a digital learning environment through Schoology. She also provides support for many of her colleagues at North as they explore innovation and teaching.

Brenda Schneider

Pictured: Brenda Schneider (right) with principal Ellen Stewart

Both teachers will be recognized at this year's TIES Conference in December. Thank you, Lindsey and Brenda, for all you do for our students and learning community!