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ESS and LEEA Award Recipients

November 2, 2017

Congratulations to some of our amazing support staff and teachers! Recently, staff members were recognized for their outstanding leadership by Resource Training and Solutions. 

As the executive director of Resource Training and Solutions, Mark Schmitz, says, "Often times it is our support staff who truly know the pulse of the school and community."

For teachers, “Tonight’s honorees have an unwavering belief that they are teaching someone who will do great things for our world,” says presiding superintendent of LEEA Paul Neubauer.

We thank you for your commitment to our students and colleagues. You make a difference.

Leaders in Educational Excellence (LEEA) Recipients

  • LEEA Recipients Linda Baker
  • Lezlee Bergwall
  • Amber Brown
  • Kristen Dollman-Stoll
  • Sara Eibes
  • Leah Fuller
  • Marcia Handahl
  • Kristin Herbert
  • Nicholas Hollermann
  • Denise Huebsch
  • Charlie Johnson
  • Marcy Kickhafer
  • Kari McRaith
  • April Morrison
  • Diane Olson
  • Emily Raboin
  • Kelli Ritter
  • Kate Schmitz
  • Denae Stuber
  • Andrea Telega
  • Susan Wielinski
  • Kristen Wilger

Educational Support Staff (ESS) Recipients

  • ESS Recipients Jessi Bost
  • Kelly Henry
  • Angelina Holte
  • Sue Oldakowski
  • Martha Schulz