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Alumni Success Story - Terin (Euerle) Sytsma

Terin (Euerle) Sytsma October 26, 2017

For 2007 Tech graduate, Dr. Terin (Eurele) Sytsma, medical education is what it’s all about. And the Mayo Clinic couldn’t be a better place to teach and learn about it.

Long before working at Mayo, Sytsma began career planning while in high school. In fact, it was during her college and career preparation at Tech that she discovered she liked the combination of science and interacting with people and health.

“Kerry Koepp and Robert Boatz were my mentors in school,” says Sytsma. “They had great classes, were supportive and enthusiastic. It was such a good experience in those classes. It’s why I majored in chemistry and math.” Read the full story.