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Mock Interviewers Needed at Apollo High School

Apollo High School is again planning to provide mock job interviews for junior and senior students as part of a writing class at school. The interviews will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019 at Apollo High School. The interviews are part of a class taught by District 742 teachers Kenneth Blattner, Noorain Muhumed and Kris Stuckey. To make the assignment more authentic, we rely on community volunteers to conduct student interviews. You may have participated in this program in the past and we appreciate your contributions to making it a successful and real world learning experience for District 742 students.

As a mock interviewer, you will be provided with parking and building entrance information for volunteer check in, interview questions to ask the students and an interview evaluation form for each student you interview. Each student interview will last approximately 15 minutes and each interviewer can choose to interview for one, two or three hours on Feb. 27, with time provided to interview up to three students per hour.

After conducting the interviews, volunteer interviewers are asked to provide a small amount of feedback to the student. The students will be simulating a general occupation interview for a job they have “applied” for. The mock interviews are not for a specific company. By the time interview day arrives, the students will have been working on resume writing, job interview skills and communication skills during class to prepare for this important assignment. Your feedback as an interviewer is a crucial component to enhancing learning that can be applied to real world and occupational settings.

If you would like to volunteer as a mock interviewer, please contact or call 320-370-8206. You will provided more information, a schedule and the online district volunteer application.