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MAAP STARS Leadership Conference

McKinley students participate in 25th annual MAAP STARS Leadership Conference

Five students and two staff members from the McKinley Area Learning Center participated in the 25th annual MAAP STARS Leadership Conference on Oct. 10 and 11.  The conference was held at Lake Beauty Camp in Long Prairie and involved over 150 students from alternative schools and charter schools from around the state.

Each fall, the Leadership Conference offers a chance for member schools to send students and staff to the two-day workshop in order to develop leadership skills, teamwork and time to organize events for the year.  In addition, a new team of student officers is elected to represent the organization and assist in planning and implementing this year’s activities. 

Participants in this year’s conference were Marco Cuthbert, Valery Foster, Nia Williams, Vitashy Pacheco and Jayion Jones. Mike Myers-Schleif and Konie Brudwick accompanied the students to the conference and served as co-chairs of the event.

The McKinley Area Learning Center is a member of the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP). STARS is the acronym for the student wing of the organization, which stands for Success, Teamwork, Achievement, Recognition, and Self-Esteem.


Students at the McKinley Area Learning Center are able to participate in MAAP STARS due to a District 742 LEAF grant.MAAP STARS MAAP STARS MAAP STARS MAAP STARS MAAP STARS