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Entrepreneurship Week Contest

Entrepreneurship Week Contest

In conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week, a contest was held in Cyndi Simson's Work Experience/Business & Marketing Education classroom for McKinley ALC students. A computer simulation from GoVenture called Lemonade Stand was used to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to the students. Then the competition took hold; 37 students tried their hand at opening their own lemonade stand - many entered several times. Students studied data and applied strategies regarding product, price and inventory, and cost of goods sold to achieve the highest cash value at the end of 14 days of simulated operation. Students who wanted more of a challenge were able to play GoVenture's Micro-Business requiring additional business decision making. The computer simulations provide hands-on learning in real world applications linking with curriculum to enhance learning. The Top 3 Winners in the Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurship contest are: First Place: Spencer Bicknell $971 cash value; and Third Place: Collin Stricker $668 cash value. Many students were motivated to beat the principal, Al Johnson, who also participated!

1st Place Spencer 3rd Place Collin