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Tech Student Receives Perfect ACT Score

For Tech senior, Clifford (Tom) Julstrom, taking the ACT test was just like any normal activity with the exception of eating a lot of cookies the night before. Julstrom did not prepare, practice or even worry about the ACT test. He just simply showed up and did what he does best. 

"I just showed up and took the test," states Julstrom. "I got through the first part which was English. I thought, 'Wow! I don't think I got any wrong.' Then, I did the next section and by the time I finished, I said to myself, 'I think that was a 36.'"

His perfect score will open quite a few doors for him for post-secondary education, but he currently has his eye on the University of Minnesota. Julstrom plans on obtaining a degree in computer science to financially establish himself. He wants to build a reserve to eventually enter into politics.

"I recognize that you can't go into politics unless you are financially established beforehand," explains Julstrom. "I just feel there are problems to be solved. It would be nice to solve problems that will actually help people and I think that process is best accomplished through elected office versus the private sector."

In his heart, Julstrom is really "a math guy." His favorite classes are AP math and calculus classes, but right now AP Comparative Government class is what he is really excited about.

Julstrom is on the right track for computer science and politics and his perfect ACT score is just another notch on his belt to get himself there.

Clifford Julstrom

*Of District 742's current 12th-grade students who have taken the ACT at least one time, approximately 12% have a composite score of 28 or higher (~90th percentile); approximately 6% have a composite score of 30 or higher (~95th percentile).