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Apollo One of the First to use the Raptor Visitor Check-in

Dear Families:

District 742 is dedicated to each and every child’s safety and security, and to support this high priority Apollo High School will be one of the first schools in the district to have a new Raptor visitor check-in system installed. This new system allows staff to do quick “on-the-spot” security checks on visitors using the visitor’s driver’s license. Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, visitors to Apollo will need to provide their driver’s license, state ID or military ID to the secretarial staff upon entering the building. Their ID will then be scanned into the Raptor system. (Every subsequent visit you’ll not need an ID.) It is a one-time scan. The photo, birth date and 3-D code from the ID will be entered and stored into the system. (Not to worry, only the first four digits of any ID will remain in storage for the protection of the visitor.)  

While information is being stored into the system, Raptor is using the barcode data from the ID to scan the national sex offender registries and current custody orders to ensure the safety of students. In a matter of seconds, the security system will notify staff if the person is authorized;

a visitor badge is then printed with the visitor’s name, photo and the area of school they are visiting. This ensures that all visitors are accounted for as they are essentially “checked in” at the school. Any faculty in passing can see who the visitors are and where they are supposed to be.  When a visitor leaves the building, they are “checked out” by a staff member. This is an extremely useful feature, as a report can be run at any time to see how many visitors are in the building and who they are.

If there is a visitor that comes up on the screen as a registered sex offender or is listed as a “non-authorized” person, a staff member clicks a button on his or her computer screen that sends notification to the chosen administrator to assess the situation and escort the visitor out of the building. In extreme emergency cases, there is an emergency click button that is sent to the local police department.

This security measure is another way that we continue to strive to meet our mission to create a safe and caring climate and culture for all learners within our schools.

Adam Holm