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Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements 

Friday March 24th, 2017

Day 1

Band Day “L”



Yearbooks are still on sale! They can be purchased online through -- we are listed as North Middle School.  They are $20 each! Also, if you have any pictures you would like to submit, please email them to me at: - we would love to have them!


Draw for Art Contest # 2

Theme: Non-Human Creatures

Think any kind of animal; realistic, or imaginary. Also think about mystical creatures. You choose which direction you go with this piece. You may use crayon, colored pencil, marker, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic paint….or any other medium you can think of.  Please do not write your name on your artwork, and make sure it is school appropriate.  Artwork is due by April 7th.


Middle School Family Night during Parent Teacher Conferences at North Jr. High on Tuesday, April 11, 2017:

Please join us for an evening of fun from 4:00-7:00 p.m. during our Parent Teacher Conferences. Our conferences will be held in the classrooms. We invite you to come and participate in these Family Night Activities:

Testing Questions and Answers in the Little Theater

Math Support for your student in the Media Center

Overview of the AVID program in the Office Conference Room

Project Time for your student in the Computer Lab (Rm 142)

Academic Activities for your student to play in the Cafeteria


Sign up for the Middle School Ultimate Frisbee League is going on now till April 3rd.  Practice begins April 10th; location at time is TBD by coach.  Program fee is $110 and you can register at  For more information, you can email or get a flier from the office.


*Prayer time has changed to 1:30-1:40 p.m.  Mr. Mohamud will issue new passes.

Thank you to our History Day students for representing North Junior High at SCSU for Central Regional History Day. We are very proud of all of you for going above and beyond on your projects! Congratulations to Kaliyah Brown and Kris Becker for receiving an Honorable Mention ribbon for their exhibit board! 

Ms. Brittany will be absent this week, Wednesday-Friday.  Thank you


Girls Lacrosse

Saint Cloud Girls Tiger Lacrosse will be starting soon.  Sign up for this exciting sport by getting a registration form in the office.  Deadline is March 27th.  More information is online at  All practices will be after school at South Junior High.


Girls Soccer Grades 6-8

Come on Saturdays starting this Saturday February 4th to March 25th at 8:30-9:30 am for indoor soccer.  We will play three 20 minute games.  Cost is $2.00.  Come and improve your skills.  Come and you can bring a friend!


"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. "  -Franklin D. Roosevelt


Be a Joyful

Brought to you by your Student Leadership Council



SPIRIT WEEK IS COMING MARCH 27-31.  Join us celebrating North!

Monday, March 27- PJ Day (cozy and comfy)

Tuesday, March 28- Dress UP Day  (dress your best)

Wednesday, March 29- Wacky Wednesday!  (weird and wacky rules!)

Thursday, March 30- Dress down Day  (dress "casual")

Friday, March 31- Eagles Gear and Red & Blue  Variety Show Periods 1 & 2


Monday is PJ DAY!  Wear your cozy, comfy fleece and flannel!  Make sure you are still school appropriate, you will be asked to change if you are not.


Student Leadership meets today at 8:25 in the Media Center.


Project Wisdom

Good morning, North Junior High. Here are a few words of wisdom.

Think of someone you know who has real character . . . someone who is

honest, self-disciplined, and respected . . . maybe a parent or a faith leader,

a teacher or a friend.

Did you know that the word character literally means "to engrave"? People

with character have engraved honesty and respectability into their daily

lives . . . like musicians engraving sound tracks on a CD.

So here's something to think about: With every thought, word, and deed, we are recording, engraving the traits and qualities that will determine our

future character. A Greek philosopher by the name of Heraclitus

(her A cli tus) once said:

A man's character is his fate.

In other words, what you are engraving into your life now will determine

your future. As you move through the day, ask yourself: What kind of tracks

am I laying down for myself, and where will they lead me?

Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.


Fri. Lunch:                                                Mon. Breakfast:                                                             

Cheese Quesadilla with                              Assorted Cereal Choices                                             

Lettuce, Salsa & Sour Cream                     Yogurt

Seasoned Mixed Vegetables                      Apple

Creamy Coleslaw                                        Fruit Punch

Snap Peas

Fresh Oranges


Sandwich of the day:  Assorted Sandwiches