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New Pick Up Procedure

As student safety is our primary concern before, during, and after the school day, we will be changing our pick-up procedures beginning on January 2nd. For those students who are picked up by parents waiting in their vehicles, we are planning to have these STUDENTS who are picked up by waiting vehicles to assemble in the gymnasium with supervising staff. 

Parents will be asked to line up in their vehicles and pull up toward Door 2A in the pick up lane. A staff member will be waiting with a radio to call into another adult in the gym in order to have your child come out from the rear door of the gymnasium. Your child will be waiting inside in our heated gymnasium until a parent in their vehicle is there to pick up. This will eliminate our concern with children waiting outside in the cold weather. While we expect that the process may be somewhat slower during the first few weeks of January, we know that it will only get better with time. 

More importantly, we will now be able to keep children inside in a warm gathering area while eliminating all safety concerns relating to inclement weather and traffic. 

So again, please …

  1. Line up in the pick up lane and proceed down past Door 1 to the waiting adult with radio near Door 2A.
  2. Do not line up in pick up lane past or north of Door 2A as that will be used for waiting area for students who may be moving slowly out of the gym after being radioed to come out.
  3. Adult with radio will communicate to another adult in the gymnasium to send your child out for pick up.
  4. You will then be able to continue off with your child having not been out in the cold or near slippery roads and traffic. 

PLEASE NOTE: Parents who pick up their students INSIDE Door 1 and park in our parking areas, will be able to continue this routine. Please do NOT park in the pick up lane if you are coming inside.

Click here for a visual of the procedure