Learning Applicatioins

  • Learning Applications The following represents just a sample of tools that are available to teachers to support student collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking (the Four C’s).  Additional resources will be added throughout the school year - be sure to check back often. Contact your media specialist or a member of the Technology Integration team if you are looking for ideas or have questions about how to get started.



    Flipgrid Flipgrid is a resource that allows students to record and share their ideas, questions, and reflections around any number of topics.  The time allotted can be easily adjusted by the teacher. Students are given an access code to their classroom’s grid, providing a safe and secure environment.  Flipgrid is easily one of the more powerful tools to support communication and critical thinking as part of any subject area and grade level.



    Quizlet  Quizlet is a site that offers a number of tools built around student learning.  At the core, Quizlet allows students and teachers the chance to create study cards that can be used within any subject area.  From there, these cards can be used with a number of internal tools that center around student engagement and collaboration. Teachers and students can also access other cards that have been shared publicly.

    Learn more at https://quizlet.com/teachers


    More coming soon...