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    I am in my 13th year of teaching here at Apollo High School.   I attended SCSU and received my graduate degree from St. Mary's University.  The courses I teach this year are 9th grade Human Geography and 11th grade Advanced Placement U.S. History.  The students this year have been wonderful, and I look forward to working with them over the course of the year.  
    All students also have a Schoology page where many resources are posted.  See me for the access code if you are not enrolled. 
    Human Geography:
    During the course of geography, students will learn about the physical and cultural geography of the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Various topics within the regions will be discussed and studied in depth.  Special emphasis will be placed on the "State  of the Day" and "Place of the Day" during the two trimester course.  
    AP U.S. History:
    AP U.S. history follows the curriculum approved by the College Board.  This course is a year long course and concentrates on the years 1491to the Present.  Students should expect to have reading homework 3 times per week.  Tests include multiple choice and essay questions.  Strong writing skills and study habits will be important for this advanced course.  
    2016-2017 Schedule
    Period 1 Human Geography
    Period 2 Human Geography
    Period 3 Human Geography
    Period 4 Advanced Placement U.S. History
    Period 5 Advisory
    Period 6 Advanced Placement U.S. History
    Period 7 Prep 
    Any questions please contact me at adam.savolainen@isd742.org or (320) 253-1600 ext. 2438