• Mr. Johnson  
    Welcome, I'm Charlie Johnson, special education teacher at Apollo High School. This year I'm co-teaching a Geometry class with Mr. Aaron Voronyak. I also co-teach an Algebra 1.2 class with Mr. Dave Vaerst. In addition to those classes, I also teach an Algebra 1.1. class. I also conduct two math labs. One lab is a geometry lab and the other is an Algebra lab. Students receive support in these labs as they follow after the regular math classes are completed.
    Below is my current schedule.
    Period 1      Geometry
    Period 2      Geometry math lab
    Period 3      Algebra 1.2
    Period 4      Algebra 1.1
    Period  5      Algebra math lab
    Period 6      Due Process (SPED)
    Period 7      PREP
    Any questions? please call 253-1600, ext.2409