Welcome to St. Cloud Area School District 742

  • Willie Jett We appreciate your interest in St. Cloud Area Schools and invite you to get to know us better. Serving families from Clearwater to St. Joseph, we provide a world-class education to over 10,000 students. Our schools offer a variety of top-notch educational opportunities, a wide array of activities and athletics, and a highly trained, engaged workforce.

    Beginning with our youngest learners, we empower students to be curious, think critically and engage fully with their community. We offer enrichment activities for every child in our elementary schools through our inclusive Talent Development programming. We also provide extension opportunities at every grade level for students needing additional academic challenges. With over eighty athletic teams, academic clubs or social groups, our schools inspire students to try new activities, meet friends, and get involved outside of the classroom.

    Innovative learning opportunities, such as Chinese and Spanish immersion programs or career and technology courses, prepare students to thrive in a fast-paced, global workforce. With nineteen Advanced Placement courses, myriad elective offerings including orchestra, theater and visual arts, and an array of special education services, we guarantee an individualized, rigorous academic experience for every student.

    All of us at St. Cloud Area Schools are committed to providing a safe and caring climate for your child and for every member of our learning community. We partner with local law enforcement to ensure secure facilities, and our dedicated staff make personal connections with every student. We appreciate the trust that you extend to us, and our staff work diligently to create caring relationships with students and families.

    I invite you to get to know us. Visit one of our schools and see all the reasons we are proud of our St. Cloud Area Schools.

    Willie L. Jett II