Welcome to St. Cloud Area School District 742

  • Willie Jett

    St. Cloud Area School District provides rigorous academic offerings within a safe, supportive school environment. In our schools, all students are valued for their strengths and prepared to be engaged members of our community.

    Families from Clearwater to St. Joseph come to our schools for a variety of educational opportunities and a wide array of activities and athletics provided by a passionate, dedicated staff. We believe that all students deserve access to the highest quality learning, in the classroom, on the fields and courts, or on stage. Opportunity grows achievement.

    St. Cloud Area Schools offers innovative academic programs designed to prepare students for the demands of today’s dynamic, global workforce. Our differentiated learning opportunities are designed to meet the needs of each student, pre-school through age 21. We offer nineteen Advanced Placement courses and an array of special education services. This year, we are excited to announce the launch of our Career and College Academies, which will provide secondary students targeted pathways so they can investigate their career interests in partnership with local employers. We confidently guarantee a relevant, rigorous academic experience for every student.


    Willie L. Jett, II