• Riverwoods School serves students grades 1-12 utilizing two educational programs operated by the St. Cloud School District 742. The Day Treatment programs, serving students from many school districts and grades 1-12, are programs operated by Catholic Charities for which St. Cloud Area School District 742 provides educational services. Students are enrolled in the Day Treatment  Program by virtue of referral through county social services agencies, the court system, private insurers, school districts and parents. The Level IV program is s day program operated by St. Cloud Area School District 742, and is for District 742 resident students only. Referral to the level IV program is determined through the IEP team.

    Questions about the Riverwoods program can be directed to:

    Brenda Blackmore, Director of Care and Treatment
    1726 7th Ave S, Door E
    St. Cloud, MN 56301

    Phone: 320-370-6906
    Fax: 320-229-6010
    Email: Riverwoods@isd742.org

    Questions about Catholic Charities Day Treatment can be directed to:

    Nicolle Nelsen, Day Treatment Coordinator
    1712 7th Ave South

    School Philosophy

    Most students attending school at Riverwoods have been placed as a result of emotional and behavioral challenges they experience. Consequently, in addition to providing a well-rounded academic curriculum that allows the student the opportunity to progress toward a goal of graduation from their home school, another primary focus of the school program is to identify interfering behaviors that may occur in an instructional setting and teach the skills necessary to assist students in making better decisions. In order for students to experience success, we believe each student must recognize the need to learn new skills, be willing to make changes and eventually self-monitor their behavior, and finally, to become a positive self-advocate for their own unique learner qualities and needs. This is accomplished by teachers and students working together in a cooperative manner to set goals and objectives. Once goals and objectives are achieved, students have equipped themselves with skills needed for a successful return to a more traditional school setting.

    School Program Goals

    • To improve a student's academic skills and study habits through a learning environment in which students experience success.
    • To model, teach, and reinforce appropriate social and learning behaviors.
    • To recognize student strengths and capitalize on appropriate choices.
    • To provide appropriate, respectful teaching interactions and consistent consequences when students display inappropriate behaviors.
    • To empower students with the skills necessary to return to a traditional school setting at the time they leave Riverwoods.

    Referral Process

    Students are enrolled in the Riverwoods School by virtue of referral to the various programs operated by Catholic Charities through county social service agencies, the court system, private insurers, school districts, and parents.