Multilingual Learning

  • English Learner Program Overview

    The English Learner (EL) Program in St. Cloud Area Schools supports students in Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade in acquiring the English necessary to be academically and linguistically successful in our classrooms and in career and life goals. Our current population includes immigrant, refugee, migrant and native born students who are learning English as a second, or often, as a third or even fourth language. St. Cloud Area School District believes that knowing two or more languages is both valuable and achievable.

    “One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.” -Frank Smith


    District 742 Program Mission

    Our Mission is to create a safe and caring climate and culture in which we prepare, engage, educate, empower and inspire all learners in partnership with their surrounding community to be successful in today's and tomorrow's society.

    District 742 is aligned with the World-class Instructional Design and Assessment’s (WIDA) CAN DO Philosophy (page 1, 2014) as stated, “Linguistically and culturally diverse learners bring a unique set of assets that have the potential to enrich the experiences of all learners and educators. As these young children and students learn additional languages, educators can draw on these assets for the benefit of both the learners themselves and for everyone in the community. By focusing on what language learners can do, we send a powerful message that students from diverse linguistic, cultural, and experiential backgrounds contribute to the vibrancy of our early childhood programs and K–12 schools."

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