Language Immersion

  • The Language Immersion program is available for Spanish at Clearview Elementary School and Mandarin Chinese at Madison Elementary School. In the school, students are immersed in Spanish/Chinese while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curriculum. Immersion means that teachers communicate only in Spanish/Chinese while teaching students.

    • Summary of Language Immersion in District 742

      Language Immersion GuideBenefits of Learning Two Languages:
    • Enhances academic and linguistic performance in both languages
    • Cognitive advantages - physically enhances brain development
    • Increases career and social opportunities
    • Expands world view
    • Scores statistically higher on SAT college entrance exams
    • Increases attendance at colleges and universities
    • Improves English language skills
    • Enhances learning capacity for life

    Key Components:

    • Full-day program starting in kindergarten
    • The second language is the language of instruction for all classroom instruction in kindergarten
    • The curriculum parallels the district curriculum in all subjects
    • Students will be taught to read in the second language until third grade, at that time, there is direct instruction in English for reading in English.
    • Students will continue to be taught the other subjects in the second language through sixth grade
    • Families are requested to make a seven year commitment to the program

    Watch the March 2017 Chinese Capstone delegation video.

Immersion Websites


    • A website created by members of the Parents Action Committee, a group of Madison Elementary parents.