Grade 9-12 Electives

  • Since many students don’t pursue careers directly related to core curriculum, District 742 encourage students to cultivate interests beyond traditional subjects and to demonstrate the depth and seriousness of study that appeal to colleges. Elective courses provide opportunities for students to sample different careers before making a long-term commitment. The district offer a diverse selection of electives including 19 Advanced Placement options that keep students motivated and engaged in the learning process.

    Just a few of the elective choices include:

    • Accounting 
    • Advanced Multimedia
    • Advanced Welding Principles
    • American Sign Language
    • Automotive 
    • Business Law 
    • College prep Algebra
    • Community CPR, First Aid & AED
    • Construction Technology  
    • Debate/Argumentation
    • Electricity & Robotics 
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Written Composition
    • Environmental Science
    • Gourmet Cookery
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Living On Your Own
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Personal Fitness Trends
    • Practical Law
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Symphonic Band
    • Web page Design/Mgmt
    • Working With Children
    • World Language - Teaching World Languages in District 742 links directly to our Mission, “to prepare, engage, educate, empower and inspire all learners . . . to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s society. Learning a second (or third!) language has a host of benefits, from increased creativity to improved test scores, not to mention being bilingual! 

      District 742 offers courses in Spanish, French, Chinese, German and American Sign Language (ASL). The expectation is for World Language teachers is to combine innovative technology with proven pedagogy and authentic materials to teach language and culture simultaneously. Our goal is to increase language capacity and cultural competency of our students, which, in turn, increases reflection and understanding of the student’s own language and culture.