Preparing for the Future

  • The Learning & Teaching Department provides leadership for the key mission of increasing student achievement through effective teaching. The district works with administrators and teachers on staff development, graduation standards, coordinated curriculum, assessment and effective teaching practices. The goal is for each student to have an appropriate, consistent, coordinated and challenging educational program.

    Set Goals for the Future

    Success is not a gift, but a choice. Whether a student in an elementary school or a Senior in high school, it takes determination, dedication, attitude, and discipline to become successful.

    Successful students are not just goal setters, but goal getters. Setting goals in school gives each student a reason for learning. Achieving those goals gives each student the confidence to go beyond and fulfill their potential. 

     Ways to set goals:

    • Set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals that are based on self-knowledge and information about school, the world of work and society.
    • Make plans for achieving short, intermediate, and long-term goals.
    • Analyze how strengths and weaknesses enhance or hinder the achievement of goals.
    • Assess current progress toward goals.
    • Make decisions that reflect those plans.