City Life 742

  • City Life 742 is a separate, public day school for St. Cloud School District students in grades six - 12+ with behavioral, emotional, and sometimes academic needs. City Life 742 offers social behavior instruction and intervention, as well as mental health-related services, and is based on the fundamental belief that all students can learn and contribute to their community.

    Address: Roosevelt Education Center, 3015 N. 3rd St., St. Cloud, MN 56303

    Phone: 320-257-0080
    Fax: 320-529-4303

    Academics are based on Minnesota State Standards and individualized to meet each child’s educational needs as indicated in the individual education plan. Mental Health Skills Training Group, provided daily, focuses on mental health, coping skills, and emotions management through cognitive-behavioral, expressive, and psychodynamic approaches. Individual sessions are available, as well. Data is collected on a Daily Point Card, tracking a student’s use of skills and demonstration of responsible behaviors. The data is used both by the student for self-monitoring and by the team to make educational and treatment decisions.

    The goals of the City Life 742 Program are to help students obtain skills necessary to successfully reintegrate into their home schools and community, support families, and identify interventions and accommodations that help children be successful. The program also utilizes Health Realization Principles and Restorative Justice.

    Referral Criteria & Process

    The student must be eligible for special education services and have a current Individual Education Plan (IEP). Typically students would have demonstrated an inability to make progress on IEP goals despite receiving the full range of services provided in their home school. Referrals to the program must come through an IEP staffing from the student’s home school. Mental Health Facilitators at each school coordinate the referral process as well as a student’s transition back to his or her home school.