Mental Health Services

  • District 742 Mental Health Services promote a healthy start and a bright future for the youth of our community. We provide support to students, families and educators.

    Mental Health Facilitator services are related services designed to provide support and intervention to special education students with emotional and behavioral needs, in order for them to benefit from their special education program

    Did You Know?

    Mental health problems affect one in five young people at any given time, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As many as one in 10 young people have an anxiety disorder.

    As many as one in every 33 children may have clinical depression. The rate of adolescents may be as high as one in eight.

    Twenty-four percent of high school students seriously contemplated suicide last year.

    Children and Youth with Mental Health Needs

    • Have unique needs that require individualized services
    • Must be respected for their rights, preferences, values, strengths, cultural and racial backgrounds
    • Must receive what is necessary to achieve their full potential
    • Need enduring relationships with adults
    • Make positive contributions