Choose 742

  • From your child's earliest learning experience to high school graduation, St. Cloud Area School District 742 provides a world of opportunities to thrive and grow. Talented teachers, leaders and support staff welcome and embrace your child every step of the pathway to their future. From Chinese and Spanish Immersion programs to over 20 Advanced Placement classes, from multilingual learning to 33 Minnesota High School League-sponsored activities, from fine arts programs to Innovation and Technology, and from Career and College academies to community partnerships, discover all the reasons families choose St. Cloud Area Schools.

Athletics, Activities, Clubs and Groups

  • Activities District 742 offers a wide variety of options and opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to be successful in school and achieve higher grades than other children. By participating in after school activities, students can learn new skills and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Students can also improve their physical, cognitive and emotional skills depending on the types of activities. Additionally, extracurricular activities provide students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, which can contribute to successful social skills in the future. With 33 High School League sponsored athletics including Lacrosse, Gymnastics, & Nordic Skiing and over 45 groups & clubs such as Drama, Robotics, Knowledge Bowl and Future Problem Solvers, students are certain to find activities that match their interests and enhance their school experience. Click HERE for more information.

Career & College Academies

  • Through strong partnerships with local colleges and universities, District 742 provides an amazing array of opportunities to help students successfully transition from high school into post-secondary education. The Access and Opportunity, AVID, Upward Bound and College Bound programs guide students through their college and career planning and preparation. Additionally, many unique programs are offered that can help students earn post-secondary credit. This includes Advanced Placement courses (AP), Articulated College Credit, Discovery Academy, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) and the Senior to Sophomore program. Students who participate in these programs gain academic and social preparation which can give them a head start in college and higher demand careers. Click HERE for more information.

Career & Technical Education

  • Caree and Technical Education To prepare students for the competitive marketplace and workforce, District 742 offers educational opportunities that focus on Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Health Careers and Technology Education. Additionally, the Career Development programs guide students in formulating a career path prior to graduation. This guidance helps make learning more interesting and relevant for the student. Work experience opportunities are also available for high school seniors. This program allows students to combine a regular school schedule with employment. Such an experience encourages students to select an occupation with care while learning to adjust to the world of work. Visit the Career & Technical Education website for more information.

Electives & Advanced Placement

  • Since many students pursue careers that are not directly related to core curriculum, students are encouraged to cultivate interests beyond traditional subjects and to demonstrate the depth and seriousness of study that appeal to colleges. With a diverse selection of electives, students stay motivated and engaged in the learning process. Just a few of the elective choices include Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Electricity and Robotics, Debate and Environmental Science. Students also have 22 Advanced Placement (AP) courses to choose from, allowing them to prepare for the next step in their educational journey. Each year, 500-600 students participate in AP courses with the opportunity to earn college credit. Click HERE for more information.

Fine & Performing Arts

  • Music education teaches skills and promotes values that lead to personal development such as self-discipline, dedication, teamwork, self-confidence and practice. All students have the option to take advantage of classroom music and, beginning in grade six, students have the chance to discover new talents by enrolling in orchestra, band or choir. Art, music and theater are also offered adding dimension to students’ core learning. Learn more.

Innovation & Technology

  • Innovation & TechnologyDistrict 742 teachers continue to explore innovative ways to engage students in learning to help prepare them for success in today’s and tomorrow’s society.  Our shared definition of innovation includes “rising to challenges by applying a growth mindset that involves taking risks, embracing failure, and finding solutions.” Likewise, we define an innovator as someone who “uses new and effective methods to inspire change, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.” To support this vision, learners are given the opportunity to engage in a student-centered environment with access to a variety of resources within a culture of innovation.  In District 742, student voice matters and will continue to help shape the future of learning for years to come. Learn more.

Language Immersion

  • Language Immersion

    St. Cloud Area Schools offers Dual Language Immersion programs in Spanish and Chinese, and beginning in the fall of 2023, a pilot program for kindergartners in Somali as well. These programs immerse children in a second language allowing them to become bilingual at an early age.

    Dual Language Immersion is an excellent way for students to learn academic content while acquiring another language at the same time.  Students receive instruction in a partner language (Chinese, Spanish, Somali) as well as English. The three core goals are academic achievement, bilingualism/biliteracy and sociocultural competence.

    Students who learn two languages demonstrate enhanced learning ability, academic and linguistic performance, cognitive advantages, and score as well or higher than their peers on standardized tests. Research has shown that Dual Language Immersion programs are an effective way to educate English-language learners, but they also offer benefits for native English speakers.  In addition, students who become bilingual and develop intercultural competencies are better prepared for our global marketplace and future employment. Finally, students who learn another language are able to communicate with a wide range of people and explore other perspectives, which leads to a fuller understanding of self.

    Visit our Language Immersion website for more information.

Multilingual Learning

  • English Learners The English Learners (EL) program works with more than 1,100 K-12 students who are learning English as a second language. Among the 41 languages represented by our students are Cambodian, Croatian, French, Oromo, Russian, Somali and Spanish. Click HERE for more information.

Talent Development & Accelerated Services

  • District 742’s Talent Development Program is designed to provide opportunities to challenge and extend learning for students. We believe that all students deserve to attain a year’s worth of growth, so we provide a variety of services to meet the needs of students achieving above grade level and for students who wish to challenge themselves academically. These services include enrichment opportunities, classroom differentiation by trained teachers and pull out services from dedicated Talent Development staff at the elementary level. In middle school, we offer accelerated, advanced and honors courses that prepare students for our robust Advanced Placement and Post Secondary enrollment options. Throughout all levels, we provide academic enrichment clubs and activities that are available to all students to create a well rounded approach to challenging students within and outside the classroom. Click HERE to learn more.

Youth Enrichment with Community Education

  • Youth Enrichment provides opportunities for preschool through high school age youth to participate in programs that allow them to pursue their interests, expand their abilities and develop their creative side. Among the many choices, you will find classes in arts and crafts, recreation, health and fitness and other special interest areas. Visit our Youth Enrichment website for more information and view the latest classes available.