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    Schedule Correction Request Form - Because staffing decisions are based on the courses students register for, schedule corrections will be done on a limited basis. All information requested must be provided in order for your schedule correction request to be considered.

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    College Planning

    Below are a number of resources available to students to help with their college exploration, planning, and application:


    Whether a student will be attending a four year college, technical college or entering the workforce after graduation. Counselors are available to assist students to setting a plan for the future.

    Students are assigned counselors according to the first letter of their last name. To speak with any of the counseling staff:

    Erin Bloch Jeni Schad

    Erin Bloch 320-370-8365

    • 10th-12th Grade, Students with last name A-Ga

    Jennifer Schad 320-370-8364

    • 9th Grade, Students with last name A-Z

    Phil Corbett Krisi Lain

    Phil Corbett 320-370-8366

    • 10th-12th Grade, Students with last name Ge-Moh

    Krisi Lain 320-370-8367

    • 10th-12th Grade, Students with last name Moi-Z


    Request a Transcript

    Transcript requests require one day up to two weeks to process. As of January 1, 2012 Tech High School charges $1.00 for each transcript requested (cash or check only). For seniors this charge does not apply for the final transcript sent in June. To request a copy of a transcript, download the request form and do the following.

    By Mail: Please include the following:

    1. First and last name that you graduated under
    2. Your date of birth
    3. The year you graduated
    4. The place and address where you want the transcript sent
    5. Please include a phone number in case we need to contact you
    6. Include any special instructions
    7. Please sign and date the request

    Mail to:
    Tech Guidance Office-Transcript Request
    4200 South 33rd Street
    St. Cloud, MN 56301

    For Records
    Mail to:
    Tech Guidance Office
    4200 South 33rd Street
    St. Cloud, MN 56301

    When requesting records to be sent to a high school, please fax the request to 320-370-8646. Fax requests for transcripts being sent to a college will not be processed. We must have a written request and the $1.00 fee prior to processing any college transcript request.

    Senior to Sophomore and/or PSEO Students Requesting Transcripts

    If you have taken a Senior to Sophomore and/or PSEO class, you have an official transcript from SCSU. To have the credits applied to your college you must send your official SCSU transcripts. For more information go to steps needed to send my transcripts.