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    Apollo Counselors are assigned to students according to their first letter of their last name.  Counselors provide many supports for students related to social/emotional needs and academic/college/career readiness. Counselors are available to meet with students and/or families as needed.  To contact your counselor, please reach out via email or phone to schedule an appointment"

    A-D=Gretchen Van Hauen  phone number 302-370-8666

    E- LE=Jessica Glieden  phone number 302-370-8665

    LF-P=Rick Larson  phone number 302-370-8664

    Q-Z=Toni Backes  phone number 302-370-8663


    ACT Exam Information

    Tech and Apollo high schools will not be hosting the ACT on October 6th. You can find locations for the alternate dates listed at the ACT website locator. View More Information.


    2020 - 2021 Registration

    Course Catalog


    How to Get Your AP Exam Scores Online


    1.  Sign up for a College Board account at collegeboard.org/register before July
    2.  You may already have an account-try signing in to confirm
    3.  Remember your CollegeBoard account username and password and also your AP number(or student ID number if you provided it on your AP answer sheet)
    4. Sign in to find the exact date when you'll be able to access your scores
    5. Look for an email reminder in July
    6. Sign in at apscore.org to get your scores


     School Program and Requesting Transcript Information

    View information here

    By Mail: Please include the following:

    1. First and last name that you graduated under
    2. Your date of birth
    3. The year you graduated
    4. The place and address where you want the transcript sent
    5. Please include a phone number in case we need to contact you
    6. Include any special instructions
    7. Please sign and date the request

    Mail to:
    Apollo Guidance Office
    1000 North 44 Ave.
    St. Cloud, MN 56303

    By Fax: Please include everything listed above and fax it to our office at: 320-370-8947.
    In person: You can stop in at the Apollo Guidance Office and fill out a transcript request

    For Records
    Please fax record requests to 320-370-8947.
    Or, mail to:
    Apollo Guidance Office
    1000 North 44 Ave.
    St. Cloud, MN 56303
    Please call 320-870-8650 ext. 8652 with any questions

    Senior to Sophomore Students Requesting Transcripts

    If you have taken a Senior to Sophomore class, you have an official transcript from SCSU. To have the credits applied to your college you must send your official SCSU transcripts.  For more information go to steps needed to send my transcripts.



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