Central Minnesota Virtual Academy (CMVA)

  • Central MN Virtual Academy is an online learning program certified by the Minnesota Department of Education for students in grades 9-12.  Students have the option to enroll in either a full-time or part-time online learning environment.  

    St. Cloud Area School District is committed to the following elements for Central MN Virtual Academy:

    1. A student centered learning environment
    2. Asynchronous learning with real-time support
    3. Taught by licensed teacher using standards-based curriculum
    4. Open to all students of all abilities in grades 9-12 both within District 742 and throughout the State of MN
    5. Offers an additional pathway to high school graduation

    Interested in enrolling in Central Minnesota Virtual Academy?  Contact the Welcome Center at 320-370-8116 if you will be open enrolling from another school district. If you are already enrolled in a District 742 school, please contact your school counselor for registration information. Available courses and additional information about Central MN Virtual academy can be found online - Central MN Virtual Academy Course Handbook.


    We invite you to learn more about Central Minnesota Virtual Academy and join us for the upcoming school year.

  • CMVA