• Breanna Honkomp

    Physical Education Teacher



    I'm entering my 5th year teaching with it being my 2nd year in the St. Cloud School District. I enjoy working with students and helping them be active and healthy. I love coaching sports like tennis and basketball after school. I have three dogs at home and a newborn baby. I love being outdoors. I like to go on walks with my dogs or go rollerblading with my husband. I also enjoy hiking and exploring new places. I'm also a fan of winter and snowmobiling. I'm excited to meet everyone and I hope to make an impact on students lives in a positive way!


    My Schedule for 2022-2023

    Tri 1:

    1- Fitness for Life

    2- Fitness for Life

    3- Prep

    4- Competitive Team Sports

    5- Net Games

    6- Recreational Lifetime Sports


    Tri 2:

    1- Competitive Team Sports

    2- Competitive Team Sports

    3- Fitness for Life

    4- Prep

    5- Fitness for Life

    6- Fitness for Life


    Tri 3:

    1- Fitness for Life

    2- Fitness for Life

    3- Competitive Team Sports

    4- Fitness for Life

    5- Prep

    6- Net Games