Distance Learning Academy

    This year, we are providing students with a fully online learning opportunity through our Distance Learning Academy. Saint Cloud Area Schools is proud to offer a 100% Distance Learning option for students. Families with students in PreK-12 who prefer the option of distance learning throughout the entire 2020-21 school year should register for this program. This option is available to families with children who are four years old through 12th grade regardless of the district’s decision to return to school in an in-person, hybrid, or distance learning scenario. Language Immersion programs will be offered through the St. Cloud Area Schools Distance Learning Academy. Advanced Placement (AP) and College In the Schools (CIS) courses may be available.

    We recognize the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings for students, staff and families, and are designing the St. Cloud Area Schools Distance Learning Academy to provide a rigorous, engaging alternative to physically attending school.

    In alignment with MDE guidelines, our programming will provide students learning in all required state standards, English Learner (EL) and special education services, elective opportunities and more.

    Just like the in-person and hybrid learning models, students in grades PreK-5 will complete lessons in Seesaw and students in grades 6-12 will complete lessons in Schoology. Students will use the suite of District 742 digital tools and available apps. The social-emotional needs of students are an important component of any District 742 learning model. Activities, virtual student connections and virtual individual teacher check-ins will be part of this program.

    All students will receive:

    1. Instructional Design Model: All students in grades K-5 will complete lessons in Seesaw and students in grades 6-12 will complete lessons in Schoology. Instruction will include virtual face-to-face interactions between teachers and students and within the online classroom. Additionally, individualized, offline instructional activities will be provided.
    2. Extracurricular Activities: All students can engage in extracurricular activities at their school of enrollment when/if extracurricular activities become available.
    3. Student Supports: All students will continue to receive qualifying services such as special education, English language services, social work and counseling.
    4. Health & Safety: Regardless of the educational environment, programs will follow state and federal health and safety guidelines.