• On July 30, Governor Walz provided school districts with guidance on return-to-school plans. The Safe Learning Plan prioritizes health and safety for school communities and the return of as many students as possible to our schools. Each school district is required to use local COVID-19 case rates to inform their learning models: in-person, hybrid, and distance learning. Based on the changing health needs of the local community, the district is prepared to implement any of these learning models throughout the school year and may need to shift between models as health conditions change. 

    As COVID-19 case rates fluctuate, local health data may require a transition to either a more or less restrictive learning model. If case rates rise to a point that requires a more restrictive model (such as moving to K-12 distance learning), the transition will take place on the Monday following the data release. If case rates decrease, health data will be monitored over the span of three weeks to ensure rates either remain stable or decrease. After three weeks, a transition to a less restrictive model would follow.

    Each Friday, the State releases local county health data, and that data will be updated weekly and shared here.

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