Ms. Vang | 2nd Grade

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  • Hello Families,

    I am Ms. Vang and I will be your student's 2nd Grade teacher. I am super excited to be working with you all this 2021-2022 school year. This year will be my third year teaching at Talahi. The exciting thing about this school year is that I will be teaching most of my students that I had last year in 1st Grade (also known as looping). Looping is the practice of advancing a teacher from one grade level to the next along with his or her class.  Research shows that looping has many advantages for students.  

    • fewer student/teacher transitions
    • the teacher can get to know students and families even better
    • learning time increases as the students are already familiar with the teacher and routines during the second year
    • an increased sense of stability & consistency for students
    • opportunities for teachers to better individualize curriculum and instruction
    • reduced nervousness about the new school year during the second year
    • a strong sense of community in the classroom

    I grew up in Saint Paul, MN and then moved to Saint Cloud for college. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education at Saint Cloud State University. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Trauma and Resilience at Concordia Saint Paul. As an educator, I pride myself in relationship building and pushing my students and myself in being the best that we can be. I truly look forward to all the growth and learning that we will do together! 

  • Teach. Love. Inspire

  • My Philosophy of Teching

    My philosophy of Education can be broken down into many parts, but I would also like for my philosophy of teaching to be seen as a whole. My philosophy includes the teacher, the students and their families, and the learning environment. Starting with the philosophy of teachers, I believe that it is their responsibility to provide the best care and learning experience for each student and their families. It is also their responsibility to make sure that they have the correct materials and tools needed to provide a great learning experience for the students. As for the philosophy of students and their families. I believe that great relationships are built when children, their families, and the teachers can work together to provide the best learning experience. They must work together to see what the student needs to be as successful as they can be. The teacher must realize that every student and family is different and that they all come from various backgrounds. The teacher must be able to provide the best lessons that will help the student learn better. Lastly, as for the philosophy of the learning environment, it must be fun, safe, and it must have expectations. While students are learning, they must be in the best learning space that they can be. While they are doing so, they must be into the lesson so that they can enjoy the work and have fun with the work. All of that cannot happen without expectations being set. As this wraps up my philosophy of teaching, I would also like for everyone to understand that each of these things are equally important. All of these must work together to provide the best education and curriculum for the students.