• Welcome to South Junior High!! I am excited to have you in my class for my 4th year teaching Math here at South Junior High. Information about the schedule, content, and updates can be found on Schoology, as well as all lesson notes, handouts, and whatever else might be needed for class.  Schoology is our online learning management system for South and the entire district that allows our students to be 1:1 with their device and accessibility to class material. If a parent/guardian would like to access this information, they would need to acquire a parent access code for each of their students, which is provided at the beginning of the school year or when students enroll. If you need to obtain that access code, please email myself or the media specialist, Steve Kline. Schoology is not used for grading purposes. If you see grades in Schoology, it is to let the students and me know when things are turned in or are missing. For grades, always refer to Skyward as that is the district's primary source for grading. 

    The best way to contact me is via email. Phone calls may also work, but not the most efficient. 

    Mr. Ryan Bidinger



    Pre-Algebra Overview

    Pre-Algebra Schoology Link

    Algebra 1 Overview 

    Algebra 1 Schoology Link


    Advisory/Win Time 8:30-9:05

    Period 1: Advanced Algebra 9:09-10:01

    Period 2: Pre-Algebra (Push in with Mr. Anderson) 10:05-10:57

    Period 3: Pre-Algebra (C lunch) 11:01-11:37& 12:10-12:24; Lunch 11:37-12:07

    Period 4: Pre-Algebra 12:28-1:21

    Period 5: Pre-Algebra 1:25-2:18

    Period 6: Prep 2:22-3:15