Mandy Rubink

     Hello! My name is Mandy Rubink.  I am a Special Education teacher at South Jr High School.  I teach two classes: Social Thinking and Transition.

    Social Thinking is an evidence-based strategy to help improve our social competencies, including: self-regulation, perspective taking, and social problem solving.  In this class you will learn and practice how to communicate and interact with others as well as understand and control their emotions.

    Transition focuses on our executive functioning skills which allow us to manage ourselves and our resources.  In this class, you will learn and practice how to plan, organize, manage time and belongings, and understand how your mind works!

    Information and updates for this class can be found online through the Schoology course pages.  Schoology is an electronic learning management system that ISD 742 has adopted to assist educators in managing their curriculum and coursework as part of the Inspire 1:1 technology initiative.  Parents who would like access to this information need to attain a parent access code for each of their students, which is provided at the beginning of the school year or when students enroll.

     If you have any questions and wish to contact me:

    email   amanda.rubink@isd742.org

    call      (320) 370-7320