Aarin Frederiksen
  • Aarin Frederiksen


    Room 307

    320-370-6000 ext. 6039

  • Hello, my name is Aarin Frederiksen. I am a 5th Grade teacher at Oak Hill Elementary. I graduated from St. Cloud State Univeristy. I am married with 3 kids (2 boys and a girl). I live in the Oak Hill Elementary enrollment area. I really enjoy being at Oak Hill. I am really excited for this school year. I understand that this 2020-2021 will be unlike anyother school year, but together I am sure we will make it as enjoyable as possible! My email is Aarin.Frederiksen@isd742.org. Do not hesitate to email me, if you have any concerns or questions. 


    Classroom: 307                           Class Schedule


    7:20 Arrival/Breakfast

    7:40 Morning Math

    8:00 Morning Meeting

    8:20 Math

    9:10 Reading

    9:30 Recess

    10:00 Lunch

    10:00 Science/ Social

    11:25  United Arts

    12:15  Language Arts

    1:50 Planners/Pack-up

    1:50 Closure/Planners

    2:05 Dismissal