• This week in 5th Grade:

     ----> Digital Citizenship lesson with Mr. Colgrove on Wednesday

     ----> Junior Achievement on Friday 8:00-8:45

     Language Arts: Unit 4, Week 5

    Essential Question: 

         How do you express something that is important to you?

    Genre of the week: 



           Irregular Verbs: Ser and Estar

    Writing Prompt: 

            Write a poem that ryhmes about your favorite word. Use sensory language.

            Write a poem about your favorite place. Use sensory language. 

    Spelling:   Spelling Week 3/18-3/22

    Vocabulary:  Vocabulary 4.5


    • Volume of a Prism
    • Composite Figures
    • Review of Surface Area, Volume, classifying 3-D figures
    • Test on Friday 


     Social Studies:

    • Assess on Life in Colonial Williamsburg
    • Tensions between Colonies and Great Britain