•  Picture of Chelsea Bowker in a circleWelcome to my Tech Tigers webpage
    My name is Chelsea Bowker, and I teach Language Arts. I have taught for several years up to this point. I am beyond excited to work with each and every one of you this year, and we have quite a large amount of information to cover and learn together. If you or your families have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a student and need resources, I put everything, all documents and presentations, on Schoology. See me if you need the class code. Parents, I can also get you access to Schoology if that is easier than email for you. 
     Email is the best way to reach me: chelsea.bowker@isd742.org
     Here is a little bit about me.
    I spent most of my childhood in Shakopee, MN; that is where Valley Fair is. I then moved up to Saint Cloud, MN to attend college at St. Cloud State University, where I got my B.S. in Communication Arts and Literature. I loved Saint Cloud so much that I made sure to stay here! I also have a Master's Degree in Educational Technology at Concordia University-Saint Paul. 
    Here are 10 fun facts about me:
          1. I am directing a movie I wrote. I am also an actor in it; that's the only reason I have black hair. 
          2. I have two cats, a dog, a few fish, and 30 plants. 
          3. I dress up for comic conventions, but I will not say that I am good at it. Ask me about my Thanos cosplay. It was... bad. 
          4. I hike over 100 miles a summer. 
          5. I know 44 digits of pi (3.14...). 
          6. When I was in high school, I thought I was going to become a famous YouTuber. There's still time right?!? :D 
          7. I read about 50 pages of whatever book I am reading a day. 
          8. I play The Sims a lot. 
          9. I can ID about 40 different mushrooms.
          10.A few years ago, I was walking on the Beaver Island trail, and a squirrel fell on my head.
  • Into the Wild

    by Jon Krakauer Year Published:

    This text is used in Visual Literacy in tangent with clips from the movie adaptation. A recent college grad gives up on society to live in isolation on a bus in the Alaskan wilderness. The author writes to try and discover what truley happened to Chris, or as he often went by, Alexander Supertramp. 

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  • Romeo and Juliet

    by William Shakespeare Year Published:

    We read and act out this play in LA 9, and it is my favorite unit of the year. The entire class reads together, and we really dive into figurative language, theme, and the context of the Elizabethan Era. Careful! You might find yourself writing sonnet after sonnet!

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  • Save the Cat

    by Blake Snyder Year Published:

    We will use this book in Visual Literacy to study the elements of a screenplay/movie. We will discuss how to build a movie, according to an expert, and then we will watch a blockbuster hit (Lately it has been The Dark Knight). We will analyze how well the movie follows the formula provided by the author. I also sometimes use this text in Creative Writing when we have time to craft longer stories. 

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  • Of Mice and Men

    by John Steinbeck Year Published: 1937

    We will read this book in LA 9 to discuss American history, dreams, and friendship. Ask around, I bet a lot of your parents have read this one! But shhh! Don't let them spoil the ending. 

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