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    Hello and welcome!
    My name is Addie Smith and I am a school Social Worker. This is my first year in district 742 and I am very excited to be apart of this community. I have experience working with youth and families and enjoy that work very much. I hope to be the bridge between families, school and the community. I am here to help and support not only the students but the families and school staff. It takes a village to help the young learners to achieve success and I am happy and looking forward to being apart of that village.
    I will be splitting my time between 3 buildings; Madison Elementary, South Jr. High and Talahi Elementary. My schedule is posted below along with my contact numbers. Please call or email me with any questions or concerns. 

    Madison (M,T,F)    320.252.4665 ext. 4421

    South (W)           320.251.1322 ext. 1936

    Talahi (Th,F)        320.251.7551 ext. 5106


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