My name photo of MARTINI SARA is Ms. Martini, and I am the media specialist at Westwood School.  The Westwood Media Center is a wonderful resource for our students and staff.  We have over 25,000 books in our collection.  We check out over 500 books every single day!  What readers we have at Westwood! I love reading, and I hope that you do too!

    My phone number is 320-253-1350 #5345.  My e-mail address is sara.martini@isd742.org

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    Westwood Media Center



    PAKRAT will be starting soon!

    We are very excited about our PAKRAT take home reading program.  PAKRAT stands for Parents and Kids Reading A Lot Together.  Monday through Thursday, students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade will be bringing home a book to read.  With the PAKRAT program, parents may choose to read the book to their child or have the child read the book to them.  The goal of the PAKRAT program is to have children and parents reading and discussing books together.  Please read the book each night with your child and send it back to school the next day so they can select a new PAKRAT book.  At the end of our five week cycle, we will be having a PAKRAT parade at Westwood to celebrate children who read at least 15 books!


    Check out the list of books below for some good reading suggestions!