arty Welcome to 6 Grade Artarty

    • In your art class we will explore different cultures, geographical places, artists, and types of art from around     the world. 
    • You will have the opportunity to experiment with different types of materials to create your own artworks. 
    • We will learn how the Elements and Principles of Art shape the way we create and look at art. 
    • In group discussions, we will engage in critical thinking, have critiques, discuss methods and procedures, and   learn from each other. 
    • We will learn the importance of art in our everyday world.
    • You will write artist statements and understand the importance and how to talk about your artwork.


         I like to welcome you to art class, so let’s explore together!


                                            Mrs. Ligeros

                     6th Grade Art Teacher

    South Jr. High

    Walker Sculpture Garden  
    Phone: (320) 370-7292