• Mr. Jeffrey Wucherer,
    Kindergarten Teacher

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Mr. Wucherer

     Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (May 10th-14th)

    A Peek At The Week:   We been very busy with our End of the Year Testing!!  I can’t wait for you to see how much progress your children have made this year!  Essential Question:  How can things in nature be used to make new things?  Vocabulary words:  natural resources, create, designs, weave and knowledge.   We will continue discussing and creating adjectives to better describe the nouns in our sentences we write.  During writer’s workshop we will be writing story books.  We will also be creating an ending to a story we read.   Lastly, we will be working on the long o and e and phoneme substitution.  Math will consist of building pictures with symmetry out of Geo Blocks and lessons on 3-D shapes.  We will also be working on putting the numbers on a calendar, addition and subtraction, story problems, working with the hundreds chart, +10 and -10, Buzz Game and a number recognition game the kids love.

    Looking Ahead:    We will continue with our classroom testing.  Letter sound fluency testing, and Guided Reading (Rigby) testing will our focus.  Essential question:  What can happen when we work together?  New vocabulary words:  decide, opinion, marvel, grateful and ragged.  Please review these words with your child.  We will be continuing on with our comprehension strategies by making prediction, confirming them or revising our thoughts.  We will be discussing the plot of our stories and reading speech bubbles.  Pronouns will be covered each day and we will be working on the long u sound (u_e).  During Writer’s Workshop we will be making lists of things we need and like.  We also will be writing How To… Books.  Math will find the students reviewing factors 0-10, story problems on IXL Math, volume, perimeter, area, writing numbers 0-100 and 100+, addition and subtraction, symmetry, 3-D shapes, and sorting.



    Walk-A-Thon PTSA Fundraiser: May 17th-21st,  Monday is coins for caps (bring coins to wear a hat at school), Tuesday is sunglasses and silver (bring silver coins to wear sunglasses at school), Wednesday is wear blue for $$$ bills, Thursday is Talk about the Walk-A-Thon and share the Venmo link and post it for others to see and donate, Friday is Fitness Friday ( Get out and walk/exercise)


    Mr. Wucherer is gone from school on Wednesday, May 19th-Friday, May 21st.

    Ice Cream Social and Memory Book Share:  Friday, May 28th at 1-1:40! (More info. To come)


    Sharing Theme:  Please bring in a couple objects of your choice.  Be prepared to tell the class if one is heavier/lighter, taller/shorter, or differs in capacity!                           


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