• Mr. Jeff Wucherer,
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Oak Hill Office: 251-7936

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    Mr. Wucherer’s E-Mail: jeffrey.wucherer@isd742.org

Mr. Wucherer

    Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (April 15th-19th) 

    A Peek At The Week:   Essential Question:  How can you help out at home?  New vocabulary words are; chores, contribute, member, accomplish and organize.  During writer’s workshop we will be making stories on a specific topic and beginning to have more free choice on what we want to write about!  The kids love this time to create books of their choice!!  We will review adjectives and long (a) and short (a) words.  Students will work on asking and answering questions to make better connections to the texts they are reading.  We will continue to watch and discuss our chicken eggs in the incubator.  Math will find the students working hard at symmetry, addition, what’s my rule chart, missing addend, telling time, 3-D shapes (counting edges, corners and faces), story problems and filling in the missing numbers on the 100+ grid.   

    Looking Ahead:    Essential question:  What do good citizens do?  New vocabulary words:  citizen, respect, tidy, necessary and hauled.  Students will continue to learn about adjectives.  We will use the strategy of rereading to find the answers to comprehension questions that we couldn’t remember.  We will work on blending words with the long I and short I sound.  Lastly, we will change sounds in words to form new words.   We also will make a Venn Diagram to compare cats vs children.  Math will find us busy working on subtraction, probability, story problems, measuring, weighing objects in a pan balance, number recognition, writing our numbers correctly and fun Math games!! 


    No School:  Friday, April 19th and Monday, April 22nd 

    Kindergarten Concert Rescheduled:  May 7th at 10:45am in Gymnasium 

    Last Blast Picnic:  May 23rd, 5-8pm 

    Nelson Farm Field Trip:  Tuesday, May 28th (8-2)(Cost of trip to parents is $6.00, Please make checks out to Nelson Farm)  Please write me a note if you are planning on joining us! 


    Help Wanted:  Please work on and finish the April homework packet and send it back to me once you have completed it.   

    Sharing Theme:  Please be prepared to tell the class something you do to be a good citizen. 

    Please flip the sheet over for a fun activity! 



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