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Mr. Wucherer
  • Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (Oct. 26th-Oct. 30th)

    A Peek At The Week:  We have been working hard on all our alphabet letters and sounds.  If your child is still working on this skill, please take the time to work on their learning sheets I have sent home.   Our essential question for the week is: What shapes do you see around you?  Please keep your eyes open for the different shapes you see.  Some of the new vocabulary words to be introduced are; decoration, materials, nature ad world. The high frequency word (like) will also be introduced.  If your child is in the beginning stages of reading these words, please practice (a, I, can, see, the, we, like).   We will continue to discuss nouns and verbs in our sight words sentences too!  I will be modeling retelling and focusing in the skill of listening comprehension!  We will continue to sound out words we want to write during our writer’s workshop.  Look for us to bring  be adding up domino dots, pattering and learning how to use a rocker balance to weigh objects during Math.  Please help us review writing our numbers 0-20!

    Looking Ahead:  Reading will consist of information on what different sounds we hear.  We will review sight words (a, and, can, I, like, see, we).  We will search for words that begin and contain the letter “Nn”.  We will continue to focus on nouns and verbs and practice our retelling of fictional stories.  Students will continue to focus on their comprehension by making connections with the text.  Please continue to help your child become a better reader by asking them to tell you about the story you just read to them.  Our Essential Question will be:  What kind of bugs do you know about?  Please review blend words with the short a, I, and t, p, n.  Words like nap, tan, tip, etc.  Many new vocabulary words will be introduced like; exclaimed, chat and familiar!    During our computer time, students went onto the Oak Hill Website. Students logged into the online activities icon and worked on IXL Math site at the first grade level and “Starfall”, under the reading icon! Please check out my wed page for direct links to these sites.    Please continue to use these activities at home.  During Math, we will focus on numbers to 10 and practice writing number to 20, 50 and 100! We will also be doing addition problems with a game called, pocket problems.  We also discussed probability, the rocker balance and the train game that works on adding and subtracting!


    School Online on Nov. 3rd

    Please sign up for your virtual conference time Thursday, Nov. 5th or Monday, Nov. 9th

    Book orders need to be placed online by:  Monday, Nov. 9th

    Picture retakes are Nov. 18th,19th if interested.


    Help Wanted:  Please sign the Pakrat sheets in the large plastic bag after you read the book to your child.  We count the number of books read to the children in our classes!

    Sharing:  Bring in an item that begins with the letter “Nn”.  Each child will need 3 clues to describe their object.  Students in the class will get 3 guesses to see if they can solve the riddle. 

    Special Thanks:  Thank you to the families who are helping their child with their homework each night and making the time to read to them before bed each night.  The progress at testing time is amazing for many!!                                    Please flip the sheet over for a fun activity.




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