• Mr. Wucherer’s Kindergarten Class Schedule 2022-2023


    7:20-7:35 Reading:   Name Writing, Breakfast, Fill Water Bottles & Library (when ready)

    7:35-7:55 Reading + Math:  Attendance, Lunch Count, Morning Meeting, & Sharing

    7:55-8:15 Reading:   ABC’s (sound/recognition), sight words, zoo phonics, songs

    8:15-8:45 Reading+ Math:   Sight Word Sentence with Math Talk/Wonders Curriculum

    8:45-8:50 Bathrooms

    8:50-9:40 United Arts (Gym, Music, Art)

    9:40-10:30 Reading:  Wonders, D5 Rotations, Guided Reading, Differentiated Learning Groups

    10:30-10:50 EZ Write Curriculum, Writer’s Workshop

    10:50-11:20 Choice Time (Guided Play)

    11:20-11:30 Bathrooms-(ready for lunch)

    11:30-12:00 Lunch 

    12:00-12:30 Recess (Teacher Led)

    12:30-12:40 Math:  Calendar Math

    12:40-1:20 Math:   Wonders Math, Math Tubs, Differentiated Small Group Learning and Math Mini Lesson

    1:20-1:40 Snack and Choice Time (Guided Play)

    1:40-1:50 Math: Math Mini Lesson or Story 

    1:50-2:05 Ready For Home/ 2:00 Dismiss Pick Up Kids/ 2:05 Kindergarten Bus Dismissal


    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Oak Hill 320-370-6000 Ext. 6061,  jeffrey.wucherer@isd742.org, Seesaw, or your child’s Daily Communication Folder