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Mr. Wucherer

    Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (April 5th-9th)

    A Peek At The Week:    We will be reading the book, Just Like Daddy.  Students will draw a picture of what they predict the cover of the book will look like.  Students will share their predictions and write what they like to do with their family.  We will be working on the letter “Ww” and the phonogram “ot”.  We will continue to work on revising, adding more sounds in words and writing specific details about our topic during Writer’s Workshop.  During Math we will continue to add, subtract, and make numbers on the base ten boards, writing to 100 or 200 and having fun with the 100 chart.  During Social Studies we will discuss People We Remember, Ways To Get Along With Others, and, Why We Have Rules and Who Makes Them!

    Looking Ahead:    One book we will read this week is, The Wheels On The Bus.  Students will enjoy reviewing the song to go along with the text and our bus safety rules.  Students will have to graph and tally how they get to school and create a story about their favorite way to travel.  We will also focus on the letter “Xx”!  We will continue to work on revising, with a focus on punctuation marks and sight word spelling.  Math will focus on placing 5 numbers in order, comparing the length of our names (first and last), reviewing “What’s My Rule”, and the monster squeeze game.  We will also work on solving more story problems, graphing, estimation and probability on the smartboard. 


    Pakrat begins again today!  Please send back the bag with three books when you have completed reading them.


    Please continue to work on Lexia, Happy Numbers, Starfall or Epic books when you have time.  All of these apps can be found on your child’s device.  If you are having any trouble logging into them, please let me know!  The kids have been eager to share where they are on each app when they get to school each morning.  Thanks for all your help. JW


    Help Wanted:   Please continue to work on the monthly activity sheets that have been sent home.  Once completed, please send them back to school.  I always love to look at them and congratulate the students.


    Sharing Theme:  Make a name graph of the people in your family.  Be prepared to ask the class who had the longest and shortest name in your family.  You will also need to know how many letters each name has in it!


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