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    Kindergarten Teacher

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Mr. Wucherer

    Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (October 11th-15th)

    A Peek At The Week: We will be starting more testing and creating small groups during our center time.  During Math we will continue to be learning about numbers.  The number 9 and 10 will be the focus and we will continue to work on one more and one less.  We will also learn the vocab. Words: eight, seven, and six.  We will continue our study of patterns, begin sorting and start chapter 11, 2D shapes in My Math.  Please continue writing the numbers 0-20 at home. Science will be trees, trees, and trees!  Reading will find us discussing fantasy and informational texts, once again.  Our essential question is: How do baby animals move?  We will continue to discuss nouns and reading/listening for good comprehension.  We will discuss vocabulary words like: adventure, movement, arrived, exciting, and exhausted.  We will be looking for words that also have the short a sound.  We will be continuing our EZ write program and working on all 60 of our sight words.  Please feel free to have your child write a sentence or two with these sight words and bring them in to share with the class!!

    Looking Ahead: This will be a short week.  No school on Thursday, Oct. 21st and Friday, Oct. 22nd.  We will still have our Reading centers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   We will continue to work on our EZ write sheets.  Please look at these sheets and make sure your child is printing the letters in their name correctly.  I correct them daily, but old habits are hard to break!  We will focus on retelling stories during this short week.  Please have your child review the letter (Ss) and look for words that have this letter in the beginning, middle and end of the word.  Our writer’s workshop will continue focusing on 1st letter sounds and labeling pictures they are drawing in their writing journal.  Math will consist of 2D shapes, writing our numbers 0-20, base ten boards, and the 100 chart. We also will be building the number 10, reading and writing eight and nine and working on problem solving strategies in Math.  


    No School:  Oct. 21st and 22nd

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  I will be gone from school Oct. 25th-Nov.4th.  Please send any notes to me in the Daily Communication Folder!  My sub with be Mrs. Ormsby!  She is a retired Oak Hill 1st Grade teacher, and we are very lucky to have her in our classroom!  Please contact me with any questions!

    Conferences:  I will only be at school for our Oct. 19th conference date.  If this day doesn’t work for you, I am more than happy to meet with you on a Google Meet, by phone or meeting in person before or after the dates I have provided above.  I am super excited to talk with you and celebrate your child’s academic achievements! 

    Picture Retakes:  Nov. 1st

    Help Wanted:  Please continue to work with your child on their letter recognition and the sound each letter makes.  Please review their number recognition 0-20.  If they are secure with those numbers, please continue on with numbers 21-100.  Lastly, say a word and have your child create a rhyming word to go with it.  If you have time clap out the syllables in words you say or read.

    Special Thanks: Thank you to all the families that have been working hard with their children at home.  Please continue to work on the October Homework Packet with them.  The Math and Reading section reenforce what we are learning at school each day.  Please continue to complete and send in Math homework each evening!!  Thanks for all you do!



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