• Welcome to another great year of Physical Education!
         This is my 34th year teaching in district 742 and I am excited to complete yet another year!  I will teach Kennedy students in Kindergarten - 5th grade. Your child will learn life-long skills of cooperation and fair play, a variety of locomotor movements, playground games and several different sports.  Sports skills will include lead-up games for soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, softball/baseball and a variety of racket games.  Older students will also have the additional experience of rollerblading, biking, bowling and cross country skiing.
         This year specialists will be working off of a three-day rotation schedule shared with Music and Art.  This being said, please have your child bring tennis shoes every day of the week.  Safe, supportive shoes are very important for a successful Physical Education experience and overall recess safety.
         Our goal in physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.
    Have a happy, healthy year!
    Ms. Gabler
    Physical Education 
    320-370-7430 Ext 7487