• Mr. Mathiason  
    Welcome back students and parents!  I am very excited to get back into the swing of things here at Discovery Elementary School.  We have a very exciting year ahead of us! This is my 3rd year at Discovery and I have found this school to be a awesome place to teach at. With our wonderful staff and students we have a great recipe for success. We will be continuing to work with our My Math curriculum this year. It was very successful last year and we are excited to be able to implement this at our school.  We will also be continuing to use our Wonders Literature Curriculum.  5th grade along with 4th grade will be implementing the AVID program which helps students prepare for college.  Avid is a great program that uses organization skills and also 2 and 3 column notes to help students keep their materials and ideas in a place where they can find them.  I am a firm believer that with this program students will be better prepared for the road ahead, and it will help them be very successful in school and life!
    Contact information:
    Mike Mathiason
    320-251-7770 ext 3580