• Mrs. Figallo
    Welcome to Mrs. Figallo's Page!
    Hello!  My name is Teresa Figallo (pronounced "fig" like Fig Newton, and "aloe" like Aloe Vera). I am new to North Jr. High School this year, but I've been teaching in the St. Cloud Area School District for 13 years, now.  I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN and am married with two spunky children.   I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, and have an unhealthy obsession with the color green.  If you need to get in touch with me, contact me by email at teresa.figallo@isd742.org.
    I can also be reached at 320-370-7063 (school phone).
    Advisory:  Daily (M-F), 9:00am-9:15am
    Period 1: 8th Grade HONORS Earth Science (M, T), from 9:20am-11:12am
    LUNCH: (Daily, (M-Th), 11:12am-11:47am
    Period 2: 6th Grade Physical Science (M, T), from 11:47am-1:37pm
    Period 3: PREP 
    Period 4: 8th Grade Earth Science (W, Th), from 9:20am-11:12am
    Period 5: 8th Grade Earth Science (W, Th), from 11:47am-1:37pm
    Period 6: 8th Grade Earth Science (W, Th), from 1:42pm-3:45pm
    Be ready.  Try hard.  Ask questions.