• Mrs. Eiden
    Hello!  Welcome to our classroom... My name is Ms Eiden, and I'm excited about teaching second grade at Discovery School.
    Our schedule:
    7:30   Breakfast and announcements
    7:45   Morning meeting
    8:00   Reading (co-teaching with Ms Syverson)
    9:00   Healthy snack
               Word work and writing 
    10:00 Specialist teachers
                Monday: gym with Mr. Emery
                Tuesday: art with Ms Buysce
                Wednesday: gym with Mr. Thoreson
                Thursday: music with Mr. Haugen
                Friday: gym with Mr. Emery 
    10:50 Science / Health / Social studies 
    11:35 Recess and Lunch 
    12:10  Quiet time / Mindfulness
    1:15  Power math 
    1:45  Closing circle
    2:00  Dismissal 
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Discovery School 320 251 7770    classroom extension _____