• Hi!!
    My name is Mr. Robinson welcome to South Junior High Physical Education. I welcome any comments or concerns you may have regarding your child throughout the 2017 -2018 school year. Its best to contact me through e-mail at cory.robinson@isd742.org or 320-251-1322 ext 1810.
    Students are required to dress out for gym class: running shoes, change of clothes 7th and 8th grade and change of shoes for 6th grade, participate in class activities, respect equipment, students and teachers along with listening and following teacher instructions.
    My class schedule is as follows:
    Period 1 - 7th grade Day 2/ Prep Day 1
    Period 2 - 8th grade Day 1/ Prep Day 2 
    Period 3 - 6th grade 
    Period 4 - 6th grade
    Period 5 - 8th grade
    Period 6 - 7th grade