Mrs. Krebs' Multi-age  K/1  Classroom                 
    Room 116     (320) 743-2241 ext. 3557     julie.krebs@isd742.org 

    Daily Schedule

    Morning Mile Walking will begin in a few weeks.  Students will go directly outdoors and walk on the playground for 15 minutes before the start of the school day with all Clearview students!

    7:20    Morning Mile, Breakfast, Morning work

    7:40     Morning Meeting/Calendar math/Shared Reading

    8:05      Language Arts Block 

    9:45      Writer's Workshop OR  Science/Social studies/health

    10:20     Bathroom break

    10:30     Lunch / Recess

    11:30     Specialist Time:  Gym/Art/Music/Social skills

    12:30      Read Aloud story

    12:40     Math Block for both kindergarten and 1st graders using grade level curriculum,

                      mini-lessons, small group work, guided math, and station activities

    1:30           Snack/Play time

    1:50           Closing circle/Pack/Dismissal

    2:05           Bus/Parent pickup/Kidstop             COMPUTER LAB ON TUESDAYS, LIBRARY DAY ON THURSDAYS


    MARCH 2019

    Language Arts  
    KINDERGARTEN:  Adjectives, pronouns, sound spelling, writing a description and an opinion piece, noticing key details in stories
    Letter names, letter sounds, book handling, rhymes, name writing, EZ Write handwriting, writing ABC's, blending, phoneme deletion, verbs, pronouns, fluency reading, journal writing
    SIGHT WORDS:  I, can, the, see, we, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, with, he, is, little, she, was, for, have, of, they, said, want, here, me, this, what, help, too, has, play 
    FIRST GRADE:  Proper nouns, possessive nouns, apostrophes, commas, plurals, contractions, make and confirm predictions, main topic, writing journals, fluency reads, 
    SIGHT WORDS:  does, not, school, what, down, up, out, very, be, come, good, pull, fun, make, they, too, jump, move, run, two, again, help, new, there, use, could, live, one, then, three, eat, no, of, under, who, all, call, day, her, want, around, by, many, place, walk, if, away, now, some, today, way, why, will, grow, pretty, should, together, water, them, any, from, happy, once, so, upon, these, ago, boy, girl, how, old, people, him, after, buy, done, every, soon, work, time
    KINDERGARTEN:  Position, numbers beyond 10, compose and decompose numbers 0-10, counting backwards, finding numbers 1 more and 1 less, comparing and ordering       numbers, addition, subtraction, 100th day, 
    FIRST GRADE:    Addition and subtraction patterns to 20, vertical addition, reading and writing numbers to 120, place value, coins, bar graphs, tally charts, 100th day
                              First graders will also be working with Ms. Leadem, one of our special education teachers.  She and I are co-teaching during the 
                              math lessons, and she will be focusing her instruction on the first grade lessons.
    Science/Health/Social studies
    Materials in our world, liquids and solids
    Animal Habitats, personal timelines
    Drug safety
    3/1:  Go to immersion program 
    3/4:  Round 4 of PAKRAT begins
    3/5:  Zoomobile presentation
    3/8:  End of the 2nd Trimester
    3/8:  Scholastic book orders due
    3/10-15:  No school for mid-winter break
    3/25:  Report cards will be sent home this week
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