742 Together

  • 742 TogetherAs we begin a new school year, we celebrate the opportunity to come together in person again as an educational community. It may not look exactly as we had imagined, but there is no denying the excitement as staff and students return to schools and buildings together. Despite last year’s challenges, we have learned to adapt, grow and flourish together.

    742 Together is a refrain we can carry throughout this year. It describes the way we show up and collaborate. How we problem solve and create new ideas. How we 742 Engage Together. Inspire Together. Educate, Prepare and Empower Together.

742 Together: Family Advocates and EEOCs

742 Together: Rigorous Academics

742 Together: McKinley-ALC

742 Together: Innovation & Technology

742 Together: Tech High School

742 Together: Community Education

742 Together: Student Summit

742 Together: Clearview Elementary School

742 Together: Bus Safety Cameras

742 Together: Apollo High School

742 Together: A World of Opportunities

742 Together: South Junior High School

742 Together: Choices Day

742 Together: Safe & Caring Climate and Culture

742 Together - North Junior High

742 Together - College and Career Readiness

742 Together - We're Ready!

742 Together - Meet New Superintendent Laurie Putnam

742 Together - 2021-22 Year in Review

742 Together - Class of 2022

742 Together - Katherine Johnson and CO2 Together

742 Together - Communicating Common Ground

742 Together: Discovery Community School

742 Together: Majorettes Move to the Music

742 Together: Community Education

742 Together: Laura Vernier, Mental Health Advocate

742 Together: Educational Equity Outreach Coordinators

742 Together: Talahi and Lincoln Community

742 Together - Apollo WE ACT

742 Together - Special Education

742 Together - Sounds of Sunday

Language Immersion Together

Westwood Together

Oak Hill Together

742 Together: Apollo Art Club

Kennedy Together

742 Together: Career and College Academies

742 Together: Welcome Back 742

742 Together: Kickoff Video