Goals of SEL

  • Relationship Skills

    • Demonstrates a range of communication and social skills to interact effectively.
    • Cultivates constructive relationships with others.
    • Identifies and demonstrates approaches to addressing interpersonal conflict.


    • Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of our own emotions.
    • Demonstrates awareness of personal strengths, challenges, aspirations and cultural, linguistic, and community assets.
    • Demonstrates awareness of personal rights and responsibilities.


    • Demonstrates the skills to manage and express their emotions, thoughts, impulses, and stress in more effective ways.
    • Demonstrates the skills to set, monitor, adapt, achieve, and evaluate goals.

    Social Awareness

    • Demonstrates awareness of and empathy for individuals, their emotions, experiences, and perspectives through a cross-cultural lens.
    • Demonstrates awareness and respect of groups and their cultures, languages, identities, traditions, histories, and values.
    • Demonstrates awareness of how individuals and groups cooperate toward achieving common goals and ideals.
    • Demonstrates awareness of external supports and when supports are needed.

    Responsible Decision-Making

    • Considers ethical standards, social and community norms and safety concerns in making decisions.
    • Applies and evaluates decision-making skills to engage in a variety of solutions.