Attendance - Distance Learning 2.0

  • Preschool

    Attendance will be recorded through daily parent/child interaction on Seesaw and on classroom Google Meets. Direct any concerns about attendance to Julie Midas, Director of Early Childhood. Students will be expected to engage in assigned classroom activities any time during the day/evening that works for their family. Students who engage in the expected class activities via Seesaw and/or during the live classroom Google Meets will receive credit for attendance. Families should call 320-370-8251 whenever their child is not able to participate in distance learning on any given day due to illness or otherwise.


    Attendance will be taken daily at the regularly scheduled Morning Meeting, which is in live Google Meet format. Students are expected to be online with their teacher Monday-Friday for Morning Meeting and live instruction as scheduled during the day. If for any reason your child is unable to join the Morning Meeting, please call your school’s attendance line and report the absence and the reason. Absences are excused for illness, appointments, internet/device issues, or travel. Using an alarm so students don’t miss their Morning Meeting is recommended. Students are also expected to complete assignments as assigned in Seesaw.


    Attendance will be taken during the first 10 minutes of class. If a student attends in the first 10 minutes, they will be marked as present. If a student arrives to the Google Meet from the 11- minute mark through the end of class, the student will be marked as tardy. If a student does not attend the Google Meet, they will be marked as truant. If a student leaves a class early, or does not return to the platform, a skipping minor (or major if repeated) will be documented in Skyward.