• Huskies in the High School

    * What it is: Our program connects high-achieving high school students with key resources on the St. Cloud State University campus while allowing them to remain in their high school. They accelerate their learning and prepare for a future on a campus.

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    *What course does Apollo offer
    Apollo Course                              SCSU Course Name and Course number                    Number of College Credits
    Anatomy and Physiology                       Human Biology - BIOL 103                                                3
    Chemistry                                                Preparatory Chemistry - CHEM 160
    Precalculus                                             Precalculus - MATH 115                                                      5
    Physics                                                    Concepts Physics - PHYS 103                                             3
    Spanish III                                                Elementary Spanish - SPAN 102                                       4
    Spanish IV                                                 Intermediate Spanish - SPAN 201                                   4

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    *How do I apply: Students will work with SCSU staff, Apollo teachers and a school counselor to complete the process.  For more information specific to the application process at SCSU, please visit SCSU application guide.

    *How do I request my SCSU transcript to be sent to another college: Steps needed to send my transcripts and
     transcript request form