Meal Distribution

  • For 6-12 Families:
    Beginning on October 19th, meals will be distributed to families via neighborhood drop locations. This distribution will take place Monday through Thursday, with two days of meals available on Thursdays. There will not be meal distribution on Fridays. Times and locations for meal distribution can be found below. Since October 14th will be a teacher planning, an extra meal will be sent home with students on either Monday, October 12th or Tuesday, October 13th depending upon if the student attends on an A or B day.

    For DLA Families:
    With the secondary schools moving to distance learning on October 19th, Distance Learning Academy students will have the additional option of picking up meals at neighborhood drop locations. This service will be available Monday through Thursday each week while the secondary schools remain in distance learning. Grab and Go from each elementary school will continue with the neighborhood drop sites being offered as an expanded option. Once the secondary schools return to hybrid instruction, the neighborhood drop location option will no longer be available. Times and locations for meal distribution can be found below.